MAS Celaya, Gto.

  • Stainless-steel pre-treatment tunnel, rising MIG welding, leak test for penetrating liquids.
  • Fabrication and Installation of 150 tons of structural steel for service platforms, walkers and conveyor supports.
  • Installation of curing oven 6" modular insulated panels,2 combustion chambers, gas trains, chimneys and 8 tons of aluminized recirculation ducts.
  • Installation of drying oven modular insulated panels of 6", 1 combustion chamber, gas train, chimneys and 5 tons of aluminized recirculation ducts.
  • Installation of PVC pipes, CPVC, and carbon steel for water, RO water, natural gas and compressed air.
  • Installation of pumps, agitators, heat exchangers, chillers, instrumentation, Reverse Osmosis unit.
  • Armed with 2 application cabins with air conditioning units and 5 tons of galvanized ducts for air conduction.
  • Manufacture and installation of modular galvanized tunnel tunnels, 100% bolted.
  • Conveyor installation Power and Free.
  • Electrical power installation for motors and equipment and control for conveyor operation.


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