CNH Grand Island, Ne.

  • 13 stainless steel tanks of 100,000 liters, rising MIG welding, leak test for penetrating liquids.
  • Installation of 1500 tons of structural steel for service platforms and walkers.
  • Installation of two curing ovens 6"modular insulated panels, 5 combustion chambers, gas trains, chimneys and 40 tons of aluminized recirculation ducts.
  • Installation of 120 tons of stainless-steel pipe, TIG welding with inert chamber for diameters 2 ½ "and larger, welding with orbital head up to 2".
  • Installation of pumps, agitators, heat exchangers, chillers, instrumentation, ultra-filtration units.
  • 2 application cabins with air conditioning units and 90 tons of galvanized ducts for air conduction.
  • System installation of 3 traveling cranes, sequenced, with a capacity of 15 tons each.